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PUI Audio
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PUI Audio, a division of Projects Unlimited is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer, and supplier of quality audio devices and components including speakers, alerts, microphones, and transducers. Since 1951, PUI Audio has designed everything from depth sounders to motor scooters and their products are used in cell phones, golf carts, gas pumps, missiles, aircraft, and weather reporting stations. They are ISO-9001 Certified and maintain IPC standards.

PUI Audio Product Line

PUI Audio New Products

Added 07/2014 PUI Audio Enclosed Loudspeaker Components Learn More
Added 04/2014 PUI Audio Audio Devices with Wire Assemblies Learn More
Added 06/2010 PUI Audio 1mm Deep Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers Learn More
Added 10/2008 PUI Audio SMT-1141-T-3-R Transducer Learn More
Added 09/2008 PUI Audio SMT-0540-T-6-R Transducer Learn More

PUI Audio Featured Products

PUI Audio Enclosed Loudspeaker Components

PUI Audio Enclosed Loudspeaker Components are a line of optimized and carefully chosen drive units paired with ABS (94V-0) enclosures that provide exceptional sound quality and durability. Each model is designed to maximize SPL of the loudspeaker unit within its usable range. Five variations have speaker elements that range from 16 mm to 45 mm (0.62 to 1.77 in) diameter with enclosures as shallow as 5 mm (0.19 in.). Each is equipped with 150 mm wire lead (26 gauge) attached for convenience in connectivity within any application.

PUI Audio Devices with Wire Assemblies

PUI Audio now offers audio devices with wire assemblies. A selection of benders, indicators, transducers, microphones, and speakers are available with pre-wired assemblies ready for the production line. The benefit of new value-added process is reduced handling, minimizing the risk of damage to the component.

PUI Audio Programmable Indicator

PUI Audio Programmable Indicator offers the ability to program up to 30 seconds of any WAV or MP3 file via USB from the user's computer. A wide frequency range of 100Hz to 6,000Hz makes possible a variety of tones, alarm signals, or voice and music messages. The Programmable Indicator from PUI Audio features internal flash memory, and the file will not erase until it is reprogrammed.

PUI Audio SMT 1028 Transducer

PUI Audio SMT 1028 Transducer has a resonant frequency of 2830 ± 500 Hz. The surface mount SMT 1028 transducer operates at 3 - 4.6Vp-p with 100 mA rated current.

PUI Audio 1mm Deep Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

PUI Audio Multi-layer Piezo Speakers are a new type of speaker that reproduces sound, voice, and music and is only 1mm deep. The new Multi-layer Piezo Speakers are available frame mounted for use in open air applications and one with double-sided tape for flat panel mounting. Both PUI Audio speakers offer a frequency range of 300 - 20,000Hz, along with the low current draw of traditional piezo devices. The small size allows them to be mounted where other devices are too thick, such as touch panel displays, camera equipment, or other hand held devices.

PUI Audio SMT-1141-T-3-R Transducer

PUI Audio now offers their smallest, lowest-profile SMT-1141-T-3-R Transducer for user feedback and notification in hand-held entertainment and medical devices.

PUI Audio Applications

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