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High Linearity Optocouplers High Gain Wide Bandwidth Linear

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Product Attribute Attribute Value
Product Category: High Linearity Optocouplers
RoHS:  Details
Through Hole
PIN Photodiode
1 Channel
5300 Vrms
10 mA
1.25 V
5 V
210 mW
- 55 C
+ 100 C
Brand: Vishay Semiconductors
Current Transfer Ratio: 0.5 % to 1.1 %
Fall Time: 1.75 us
Height: 3.81 mm
Length: 10.16 mm
Product Type: High Linearity Optocouplers
Rise Time: 1.75 us
Factory Pack Quantity: 2000
Subcategory: Optocouplers
Width: 6.6 mm
Unit Weight: 3.642 g

IL300 Linear Optocouplers

Vishay IL300 Linear Optocouplers consists of infrared LED and an output PIN photodiode in a bifurcated arrangement. IL300 couples AC and DC signals and features greater than 200kHz bandwidth. The feedback photodiode captures a percentage of the LED's flux. This capturing process generates a control signal that can servo the LED drive current. This control signal technique compensates for the LED's non-linear, time, and temperature characteristics. IL300 is ideal for use in power supply feedback voltage and current and medical sensor isolation.

IL300 Linear Optocoupler

Vishay IL300 Linear Optocoupler offers a wide 200kHz bandwidth, 130dB Common Mode Rejection (CMR), and high gain stability. The IL300 Optocoupler consists of a high-efficiency AlGaAs LED emitter coupled to two independent PIN photodiodes. The servo photodiode provides a feedback signal which controls the current to the LED emitter. This photodiode provides a photocurrent that is directly proportional to the LED’s incident flux. This servo operation linearizes the LED's output flux and eliminates the LED's time and temperature dependency. The galvanic isolation between the input and the output is provided by a second PIN photodiode located on the output side of the coupler. The output current from this photodiode accurately tracks the photocurrent generated by the servo photodiode.

CNY Series High Isolation Voltage Optocouplers

Vishay Semiconductors CNY Series High Isolation Voltage Optocouplers are category IV high voltage isolation optocouplers available in a surface mount package. The high isolation voltage SMD version optocouplers consist of a phototransistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared-emitting diode in a 4 pin plastic package. The single components are mounted opposite one another, providing a distance between input and output for high safety requirements of >3mm. Vishay Semiconductors CNY Series High Isolation Voltage Optocouplers are ideal for such applications as solar equipment, smart meters, and smart grids.                    

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