ACEINNA OpenIMU330 Triple Redundant SMT IMU

ACEINNA OpenIMU330 Triple Redundant SMT Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is a MEMS-based small form factor high-performance 6-DOF IMU designed for automotive applications. This IMU helps autonomous vehicles stay on track while navigating turns and carrying out complicated maneuvers. The OpenIMU330 IMU achieves excellent accuracy and reliability with the help of a triple-redundant 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis rate gyroscope. This IMU is powered by a 32-bit ARM M4 CPU with Floating Point Unit. The OpenIMU330 IMU runs the OpenIMU open-source stack that features an optimized full-state Kalman filter for GPS-Aided Position-Velocity-Time (PVT) and attitude measurement. This IMU is designed for use in automotive Level 3 ADAS systems, autonomous vehicles, electronic stability control, self-driving taxis, delivery vehicles, and lane-keep assist.


  • Triple redundant, 3 axis MEMS angular rate sensor
  • Triple redundant, high-performance 3 axis MEMS accelerometer
  • Open-source tool chain and custom algorithms, ARM M4 CPU
  • Built-in 16-state open source extended state Kalman filter
  • Automotive-grade ASIL-B version
  • SPI and UART interfaces
  • Up to 3 UARTs
  • High reliability, MTBF>50k hours
  • -40°C to 85°C wide temperature range


  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Self-driving taxis/delivery vehicles
  • ADAS systems
  • Electronic stability control
  • Lane keep assist

Applications Overview

ACEINNA OpenIMU330 Triple Redundant SMT IMU
Published: 2019-10-04 | Updated: 2023-07-27