Adafruit Mini Color TFT with Joystick FeatherWing

Adafruit Mini Color TFT with Joystick FeatherWing is a compact Display Module, designed to add a color display to any Feather-based project. The 0.96" TFT Display offers a 160px x 80px resolution,  Color TFT Display with 16-bit full color capability. The on-board joystick and two integrated buttons can be used, along with the display, to create a Graphic User Interface (GUI).  The 7 user interface switches are managed over I2C, so no extra GPIO pins required. The Mini Color TFT will even work on low-pin-availability Feathers like the ESP8266.


  • Adds a color display, joystick, and 2 push buttons to any Feather-based project
  • Display size:  0.96" diagonal
  • Display resolution: 160px x 80px; 16-bit full color
  • Joystick positions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Select
  • Compatible with all models of Adafruit Feather
  • Internal regulator 3.3V @ 150mA
  • Product dimensions: 50.0mm x 23.0mm x 11.8mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.5"
  • Product weight: 6.6g / 0.2oz


Published: 2018-09-10 | Updated: 2022-10-03