ADLINK Technology USB-1901/1902/1903 USB DAQ Modules

ADLINK USB-1901/1902/1903 USB DAQ Modules provide a range of USB 2.0-based multi-functional DAQ modules. The ADLINK USB-1901 and USB-1902 16-bit 250kS/s USB 2.0-based high-performance DAQ modules allow four different voltage input ranges. The  USB-1903 features additional built-in precision current-to-voltage resistors capable of directly measuring the current signal from 0mA to 20mA.

The USB-1900 series is USB bus powered and equipped with removable screw-down terminals for easy device connectivity. The attached multi-functional stand can be used for desktop, rail, or wall mounting. These modules suit mixed-signal tests, laboratory research, and factory automation. The USB-1900 series provides a simple measurement solution.


  • USB 2.0 high-speed function
  • USB bus power
  • Removable screw terminal on the module
  • Lockable USB cable for secure connectivity
  • 16-CH 250kS/s voltage input (USB-1901/1902)
  • 8-CH 250kS/s current input (USB-1903)
  • 2-CH 1MS/s voltage output (USB-1902/1903)
  • Analog and digital triggering
  • Free testing application included (U-Test)
  • Driver support
    • LabVIEW, MATLAB, C/C++, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio.NET
  • Operating systems
    • Windows 7/8 x64/x86

USB-1901/1902/1903 Specifications

Chart - ADLINK Technology USB-1901/1902/1903 USB DAQ Modules

Pin Assignments

ADLINK Technology USB-1901/1902/1903 USB DAQ Modules
Published: 2019-01-31 | Updated: 2023-04-11