Analog Devices Inc. ADA4807-1/-2/-4 Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices ADA4807-1 Single-Channel, ADA4807-2 Dual-Channel, ADA4807-4 Quad-Channel Operational Amplifiers are low power, low noise, rail-to-rail voltage feedback amplifiers with exceptionally high performance. The ADA4807-1/ADA4807-2/ADA4807-4 op-amps are designed to have a low input noise while operating on only 1mA or less of quiescent supply current. The low quiescent current operation makes the ADA4807-1/ADA4807-2/ADA4807-4 ideal for a wide range of applications from battery-powered, portable instrumentation to high-speed systems where component density requires lower power dissipation. 

The ADA4807-1/ADA4807-2/ADA4807-4 op-amps operate over a wide range of supply voltages from ±1.5V to ±5V, as well as from 3V to 10V single supplies. The op-amps include a disable feature to reduce the typical quiescent supply current to 2.4μA or less when asserted.

Operating over the -40°C to +125°C industrial temperature range, ADA4807-1/ADA4807-2/ADA4807-4 op-amps deliver a high-speed performance of 180MHz with small signal −3 dB bandwidth, a 225V/μs slew rate, and a settling time of 47ns to 0.1% (4V step) with a low input offset voltage of ±20μV and 0.7 μV/°C drift. For ±5V supplies, the HD2 is −112dBc and HD3 is -115dBc for a 2Vp-p, 100kHz output signal driving a 1 kΩ load. The low distortion and fast settling time make the ADA4807-1/ADA4807-2/ADA4807/4 op amps ideal for driving high-speed single-supply precision ADCs with up to 18-bit resolution.


  • Low power operation
    • Quiescent current per amplifier: 1.0mA at ±5V
    • Fully specified at +3V, +5V, and ±5V supplies
    • Dynamic power scaling
  • High-speed performance with dc precision
    • 180MHz, −3dB bandwidth (G = +1, VOUT = 20mVp-p)
    • 225V/μs slew rate for 5V step (rise)
    • 47ns settling time to 0.1% for 4V step
    • ±125μV and 3.7μV/°C maximum input offset voltage and drift
    • 100nA and 250pA/°C maximum input offset current and drift
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Low distortion (HD2/HD3), VS = ±5V, VOUT = 2Vp-p
    • −141dBc/−144dBc at 1kHz
    • −112dBc/−115dBc at 100kHz
    • −95dBc/−79dBc at 1MHz
  • Low input noise
    • 3.1nV/√Hz, f = 100kHz with 29Hz 1/f corner
    • 0.7pA/√Hz, f = 100kHz with 2kHz 1/f corner


  • High speed, battery-operated systems
  • High component density systems
  • High-resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC) drivers
  • Portable test instruments
  • Active filters

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Pin Configurations

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. ADA4807-1/-2/-4 Operational Amplifiers
Published: 2015-07-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11