Analog Devices Inc. ADG798 Multiplexer Switch ICs

Analog Devices Inc. ADG798 Multiplexer Switch ICs are low-voltage, CMOS, analog multiplexers capable of operating at very high temperatures up to +210°C. The ADG798 ICs offer low-power consumption as well as a 3.3V to 5.5V operating supply range. All channels exhibit break-before-make switching action. The break-before-make switching action prevents momentary shorting when the ADG798 switches channels.

Analog Devices ADG798's switches are designed with an enhanced submicron process. The enhanced submicron process delivers low power dissipation, high switching speed, and low on-resistance. The maximum on-resistance (RON) of 10Ω is closely matched between switches and is very flat over the full signal range. The ADG798 ICs operate equally well as either a multiplexer or a demultiplexer and have an input signal range that extends to the supplies. The ADG798 Multiplexer Switch ICs have an operating temperature range of −55°C to +210°C. Designed for robustness at extreme temperatures, the ADG798 Multiplexer Switch ICs are qualified for 1000 hours of continuous operation at the maximum temperature rating.


  • Downhole drilling and instrumentation
  • Avionics
  • Heavy industrial
  • High-temperature environments


  • Extreme high-temperature operation up to +210°C
  • 3.0V to 5.5V single supply
  • ±2.5V dual supply
  • 10Ω on resistance, maximum
  • 2Ω on-resistance flatness, maximum
  • 12ns switching times
  • Single 8:1 multiplexer
  • Low power consumption
  • TTL-/CMOS-compatible inputs

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADG798 Multiplexer Switch ICs
Published: 2017-03-31 | Updated: 2022-03-11