Analog Devices Inc. ADM717x 6.5V CMOS LDOs

Analog Devices Inc. ADM717x Low Dropout Linear Regulators (LDO) operate from 2.3V to 6.5V and deliver up to 500mA of output current. These high output current LDOs are ideal for regulation of high-performance analog and mixed signal circuits operating from 6V down to 1.2V rails. Based on an advanced proprietary architecture, these devices provide high power supply rejection, low noise, and achieve excellent line and load transient response within a small 4.7μF ceramic output capacitor. The output noise of these LDO regulators is 5μ Vrms, and is independent of the output voltage. 

Available in an 8-lead, 3mm × 3mm LFCSP package, these devices offer excellent thermal performance for applications requiring up to 500mA of output current in a small, low profile footprint such as ADC & DAC circuits, precision amplifiers, PLLs/VCOs, clocking ICs, communications & infrastructure, medical & healthcare, and industrial & instrumentation.


  • 2.3V to 6.5V Input voltage range
  • 500mA to 2A Maximum load current
  • Low noise of 5µ Vrms independent of output voltage at 100Hz to 100kHz
  • Fast transient response:
    • 1.5μs for 1mA to 500mA load step (ADM7170, ADM7171)
    • 1.5μs for 1mA to 1.5A load step (ADM7172)
  • 60dB PSRR at 100kHz
  • Low dropout voltage:
    • 42mV at 500mA load, VOUT = 3V (ADM7170, ADM7171)
    • 172mV at 2A load, VOUT = 3V (ADM7172)
  • Initial accuracy:
    • ±0.75% (ADM7170)
    • −0.5% (minimum), +1% (maximum) (ADM7171, ADM7172)
  • Accuracy over line, load, and temperature:
    • ±1.25% (ADM7170)
    • ±1.5% (ADM7171, ADM7172)
  • Quiescent current, IGND = 0.7mA at no load
  • Low shutdown current of 0.25μA at VIN = 5V
  • Stable with small 4.7μF ceramic output capacitor
  • Adjustable and fixed output voltage options: 1.2V to 5.0V
  • Adjustable output from 1.2V to VIN − VDO
  • Precision enable
  • Adjustable soft start
  • 8-lead, 3mm × 3mm LFCSP package


  • Regulation to noise sensitive applications: ADC and DAC circuits, precision amplifiers, PLLs/VCOs, and clocking ICs
  • Communications and infrastructure
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Industrial and instrumentation

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Published: 2014-10-16 | Updated: 2022-03-11