Analog Devices Inc. ADMV10x Converters

Analog Devices ADMV10x Converters include 12.6GHz to 24GHz, GaAs, MMIC, and I/Q Downconverters/Upconverters optimized for point-to-point microwave radio designs. ADMV10x Converters serve as a much smaller alternative to hybrid-style, single-sideband (SSB)/double-sideband (DSB) upconverter/downconverter assemblies. By allowing the use of surface-mount manufacturing assemblies, Analog Devices ADMV10x Converters eliminate the need for wire bonding. The ADMV100x Converters are available in a compact, thermally enhanced, 4.9mm × 4.9mm LCC package and operate over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • 12.6GHz to 24GHz RF input frequency range
  • 2GHz to 4GHz IF output frequency range
  • LO input frequency range
    • 7GHz to 13.5GHz (ADMV1012)
    • 9GHz to 12.6GHz (ADMV1009, ADMV1010)
    • 8GHz to 12GHz with 2× multiplier (ADMV1011)
    • 5.4GHz to 10.25GHz (ADMV1014)
  • Sideband rejection
    • 20dB (ADMV1009)
    • 32dB for lower sideband (ADMV1011)
  • Power conversion gain
    • 15dB typical (ADMV1010, ADMV1012 with hybrid)
    • 20dB (ADMV1009)
  • Image rejection
    • 20dB (ADMV1012)
    • 21dB (ADMV1009)
    • 25dB typical (ADMV1010, ADMV1011)
  • SSB noise figure
    • 2dB typical (ADMV1010)
    • 2.5dB typical (ADMV1012)
  • Input IP3
    • 1dBm typical (ADMV1010)
    • 3dBm typical (ADMV1012)
  • Input P1dB
    • -7dBm typical (ADMV1010)
    • -5dBm typical (ADMV1012)
    • 25dBm (ADMV1011)
  • 33dBm (ADMV1011) output IP3 
  • Single-ended, 50Ω RF and LO input ports (ADMV1010, ADMV1012)
  • Matched 50Ω RF output, LO input, and IF input (ADMV1009, ADMV1011)
  • 4.9mm × 4.9mm, 32-terminal LCC


  • Point-to-point microwave radios
  • Radars and electronic warfare systems
  • Instrumentation and automatic test equipment
  • Satellite communications

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Published: 2018-03-30 | Updated: 2023-01-26