Analog Devices Inc. ADuM4137 Isolated IGBT Gate Drivers

Analog Devices ADuM4137 Isolated IGBT Gate Drivers use iCoupler® technology that provides isolation between the input signal and the output gate drive. The ADuM4137 is specifically optimized for driving insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). The ADuM4137 offers isolated fault reporting for overcurrent events, remote temperature overheating events, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown (TSD). The ADuM4137 includes a Miller clamp control signal for the external MOSFET to provide robust IGBT turn-off with a single rail supply. This occurs when the gate voltage drops below 2.0V (typical) and above GND2. With or without the Miller clamp operation, unipolar secondary supplies are possible.

The device also features a low gate voltage detection circuit, which can trigger a fault if the gate voltage does not go above the internal threshold (VDVL) within the time allowed from turn on (tDVL). The ADuM4137 provides in-field programming of temperature with two sensor pins that allow isolated monitoring of system temperatures at the IGBTs, as well as sensing diode gains and offsets by means of a serial port interface (SPI) bus on the primary side of the device. Programming is available for specific voltage offsets, temperature sensing reporting frequencies, and important delays.


  • 6A peak drive output capability
  • <0.95Ω Internal turn off NFET, on resistance
  • <1.18Ω Internal turn on PFET, on resistance
  • Split emitter overcurrent detection
  • Miller clamp output with gate sense input
  • Isolated fault output
  • Isolated temperature sensor read back
  • Propagation delay
    • Rising: 105ns typical
    • Falling: 107ns typical
  • 70ns Minimum pulse width
  • Operating junction temperature range (−40°C to +150°C)
  • VDD1 and VDD2 UVLO
  • ASC input
  • 8.3mm creepage distance
  • Safety and regulatory approvals
    • 5kVrms for 1 minute per UL 1577
    • CSA Component Acceptance Notice 5A
    • DIN V VDE V 0884-10 (VDE V 0884-10):2006-12
  • VIORM = 849 VPEAK (reinforced/basic)
  • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications


  • MOSFET/IGBT gate drivers
  • Photovoltaic (PV) inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Power supplies

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADuM4137 Isolated IGBT Gate Drivers
Published: 2019-04-05 | Updated: 2023-09-11