Basler Lenses

Basler Lenses are available with different mounts and image circles to fit various sensor sizes. The lenses have a good price/performance ratio, and the lens's image circle must fit the sensor size, or be only negligibly larger. C-mount lenses come in a broad range of quality classifications and have adjustable focus and an iris ring for better configuration of the shutter. The affordable S-mount lenses are outfitted with a fixed aperture and are focused by adjusting the screw-in depth.

To find the lens format that will best fit a sensor, Basler ace cameras and Basler Lenses 1/2.5" offer a good example of harmonizing resolutions between products:

• The ace cameras use sensors measuring 1" and smaller, meaning they work with a C- or CS-mount.
• Basler Lenses 1/2.5″ have a C-mount and offer an image circle optimized for the 1/2.5" format and are capable of depicting up to 1/2".
• If an ace camera with a sensor of 1/2" or smaller is used, then the Basler Lens 1/2.5″ is the ideal combination.

The Basler Lenses 1/2.5″ are engineered for sensors smaller than 1/2" and optimized for use with Basler ace, dart and pulse cameras. The high resolution of 5MP is squeezed onto the size of a 1/2.5" sensor, yielding razor-sharp images. If recalculated for an image size of 2/3", this would correspond to a resolution of 12MP.


  • Large selection of renowned manufacturers
  • C-, CS- and S-mount
  • 1/3" to 1"
  • Focal lengths from 2.1mm to 75mm
Published: 2018-03-27 | Updated: 2022-08-11