B+B SmartWorx Wzzard™ HVAC Monitoring Kit

B+B SmartWorx Wzzard™ HVAC Kit provides a non-intrusive and an easy-installation solution for monitoring current and differential temperature on HVAC equipment. This kit monitors the HVAC equipment without disrupting the existing facility operations. The Wzzard HVAC kit monitors the incoming and outgoing air or coolant temperatures along with the current consumption of the compressor and the fan. This kit can be easily installed without causing equipment downtime. The 2.4GHz wireless mesh technology continuously optimizes channel selection to eliminate multipath interference. 

The B+B SmartWorx Wzzard HVAC kit provides a dashboard, data trendlines, email/SMS alerts, and data logging capability. This kit can be easily expanded by adding additional Wzzard nodes and sensors to the existing gateway. The Wzzard HVAC kit can be easily scaled to hundreds or thousands of inputs from one location or multiple locations. This kit includes one Wzzard industrial node, two current transformers, two J-type thermocouples, and one SmartSwarm 341 gateway.


  • Monitors HVAC performance for early fault detection
  • Non-disruptive, snap-and-go setup, and no equipment downtime
  • Easily scalable to thousands of sensors
  • Provides Node-REDsoftware tool for easy deployment
  • IP67 indoor/outdoor rated
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Dashboard, data trendlines, email/SMS alerts, and data logging capability


  • Wireless Range
    • Up to 100m indoors
    • Up to 300m outdoors
  • 0°C to +750°C temperature measurement range
  • 0.3A to 50A current measurement range
  • 32 (maximum) nodes per gateway
  • 10sec (maximum) polling range

Kit Contents

  • One Wzzard industrial node
  • Two current transformers
  • Two J-type thermocouples
  • One SmartSwarm 341 gateway


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B+B SmartWorx Wzzard™ HVAC Monitoring Kit

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Published: 2018-02-15 | Updated: 2022-08-04