Bias Power BPWX Series Power Supply Modules

Bias Power BPWX Power Supply Modules are ideal for applications where operation from 277VAC mains is required. The BPWX Series is a low-cost solution that provides one-half, one, or two watts of output power at 8 or 14VDC (Vo) and an optional 3.3VDC or 5VDC (Vr) output for logic functions such as clocks, microprocessors, or remote control sensors. BPWX modules are also available in single (Vo) or dual (Vo & Vr) output. These supplies offer a patented design that includes a custom integrated circuit housed inside a small enclosure. The BPWX Series power modules have all the features of the BPW version, but with an extreme temperature range suitable for higher-temperature applications.


  • 90 to 308VAC (50/60Hz) input voltage range
  • <30mW no-load input power
  • 3000VAC isolation
  • Up to 75% efficiency
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Constant power mode (not current limit)
  • EN 55022, Class B; FCC Part 15, Class B
  • Meets UL/CSA and EN Product Safety (ITE)
Published: 2011-01-05 | Updated: 2022-03-11