Bourns Multifuse® PTC Resettable Fuses

Bourns Multifuse® PTC Resettable Fuses are available in polymer or ceramic with surface-mount, through-hole, or strap-mount configurations. The materials used in these fuses allow them to reset after a fault condition has been removed, and the increase in resistance changes exponentially rather than in a linear manner. Resettable overcurrent protection offers reliability and a longer part life. Bourns Multifuse PTCs provide resettable overcurrent protection, extra-low resistance, and are RoHS compliant. These fuses are ideal circuit protection for a variety of industrial and consumer applications, including computer, battery, automotive, and telecommunications.

MF-R/90 PTC Resettable Fuses - Ideal for almost anywhere there is a load to be protected with a voltage supply of up to 90V.

MF-RX PTC Resettable Fuses - Cured, flame-retardant epoxy polymer insulating material meets UL 94V-0 requirements.

MF-RX/250 PTC Resettable Fuses - Radial leaded, fast tripping, and suitable for CPE, CO, & access equipment.

MF-RX/72 PTC Resettable Fuses - 72V radial-leaded device ideal for security & fire alarm systems, loudspeakers, & power transformers.

MF-FSMF PTC Resettable Fuses - 0603 footprint with 6VDC to 15VDC Vmax for USB port protection, PC motherboards & more.

MF-USML PTC Resettable Fuses - Low-profile 1210 package for PC motherboards, game consoles, battery packs & more.

MF-SMDF PTC Resettable Fuses - High voltage (10VDC to 60VDC Vmax) & very low profile in a 2018 footprint. 

MF-SM PTC Resettable Fuses - Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C & fully compatible with current industry standards.

MF-SM/250 PTC Resettable Fuses - Surface-mount device with 60VDC to 250VDC Vmax & packaged per EIA 481-2 standard.

MF-SMHT PTC Resettable Fuses - Choice of operating currents & higher hold currents at elevated temperatures.

MF-SM013/250V PPTC Resettable Fuses - 60VDC to 250VDC Vmax & assists in meeting ITU K.20/K.21/K.45 specifications.

MF-LR PTC Resettable Fuses - Axial leaded, operating currents to 9A, & ideal for applications that require protection at low resistances.

MF-LS PTC Resettable Fuses - 100°C trip temperature & ideal for applications that need extra protection at elevated ambient temperatures.

MF-S PTC Resettable Fuses - 125°C trip temperature, very low internal resistance, axial leaded, & weldable nickel terminals.

MF-SVS PTC Resettable Fuses - Axial leaded with flexible design options available & fully compatible with industry standards.

MF-VS PTC Resettable Fuses - Axial leaded, weldable nickel terminals, & low switching temperature.

MF-VS Narrow Body PTC Resettable Fuses - 3.6mm narrow design axial strap & operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C.

CMF-RL Resettable Fuses - Radial-leaded devices with narrow resistance tolerance & used as secondary overcurrent protection.

CMF-SDP Telecom CPTC Resettable Fuses - Two resistance-matched PTCs in plastic housing for secondary overcurrent protection.

Published: 2019-04-12 | Updated: 2023-03-17