Broadcom ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 Isolation Amplifiers

Broadcom ACPL-C78A, ACPL-C780, and ACPL-C784 Isolation Amplifiers use sigma-delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) technology, chopper-stabilized amplifiers, and a fully differential circuit topology to deliver unequaled isolation-mode noise rejection. This Broadcom device delivers excellent offset and gain accuracy and stability over time and temperature. The ACPL-C78A, ACPL-C780, and ACPL-C784 Isolation Amplifier family features 15kV/µs common-mode rejection at VCM=1000V. These devices are ideal for current sensing in electronic motor drives.


  • 15kV/µs common-mode rejection @ VCM=100V
  • Compact and auto-insertable stretched SO-8 package
  • 0.3mV input offset voltage
  • 100kHz Bandwidth
  • 0.004% nonlinearity
  • Worldwide safety approval:
    • UL 1577
    • CSA
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5
  • Advanced Sigma-Delta (∑-Δ) A/D converter technology
  • Fully differential amplifier


  • Motor phase and rail current sensing
  • Inverter current sensing
  • DC bus voltage sensing
  • General purpose current sensing and monitoring
  • General purpose analog signal isolation

Functional Diagram

Location Circuit - Broadcom ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 Isolation Amplifiers

Package Outline

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 Isolation Amplifiers
Published: 2008-11-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11