Broadcom ASMT-Jx1x 1W Mini Power LED Light Source

Broadcom ASMT-Jx1x 1W Mini Power LED Light Source is one of the smallest available high-brightness 1W LEDs. This compact 1W Broadcom HB LED light source is an energy efficient device that can handle high thermal and high driving current. The ASMT-Jx1X 1W Mini Power LED features high current operation, long operation life, and a wide viewing angle. This Avago 1W Mini Power LED is non-ESD sensitive, has MSL 1 moisture sensitivity, and is ideal for space-constrained designs.


  • Small footprint
  • Energy efficient
  • Direct heat transfer from metal slug to motherboard
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • High current operation
  • Long operation life
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Silicone encapsulation
  • Non-ESD sensitive (threshold >16kV)
  • MSL 1 products 


  • Architectural lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Sign backlight
  • Safety, exit and emergency sign lightings
  • Specialty lighting such as task lighting and reading lights
  • Retail display
  • Commercial lighting
  • Accent or marker lightings, strip or step lightings
  • Portable lighting, bicycle head lamp, flashlights
  • Pathway lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
Published: 2009-09-18 | Updated: 2022-03-11