Broadcom Optical Encoders

Broadcom offers a variety of high performance, low cost, two- and three-channel optical incremental encoders. These Avago Technologies optical encoders emphasize high reliability, high resolution, and easy assembly. Each encoder contains a lensed LED source, an integrated circuit with detectors and output circuitry, and a codewheel that rotates between the emitter and detector IC. Avago Technologies also offers miniature panel mount optical encoders designed to be mounted on a front panel and used as a rotary, data-entry device.


  • HEDS-51X0/61X0 Series
    • Code wheels available in glass, film, and metal
    • Available in two standard diameters
    • Cost effective
    • Resolutions from 96 CPR to 2048 CPR
    • For Use with HEDS-90XX/91XX series two and three channel encoders
    • Lead free
  • HEDS-9000/9100 Series
    • High performance
    • High resolution
    • Low cost
    • Easy to mount
    • No signal adjustment required
    • Small size
    • -40°C to 100°C operating temperature
    • Two channel quadrature output
    • TTL compatible
    • Single 5V supply
  • HRPG Series
    • Miniature size
    • Smooth turning and detented options
    • Multiple mounting bracket options
    • Uses optical reflective technology
    • Quadrature digital output
    • Small footprint for versatile mounting
    • TTL compatible
  • HEDM-55xx/560x & HEDS-55xx/56xx
    • Two channel quadrature output with optional index pulse
    • Quick and easy assembly
    • No signal adjustment required
    • External mounting ears available
    • Low cost
    • Resolutions up to 1024 counts per revolution
    • Small size -40°C to 100°C operating temperature
    • TTL compatible
    • Single 5V supply
Published: 2010-06-24 | Updated: 2022-03-11