Cal Test Electronics CT4403 Test Lead Wire Color Pack

Cal Test Electronics CT4403 Test Lead Wire Color Pack offers six colors of two-meter long, 18AWG (0.75mm2) wire with each lead featuring highly flexible silicone over 195 strands of bare copper center conductor. The CT4403 pack is ideal for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) test leads, patch cords, and test fixtures. As with a true test lead wire, the silicone jacket is fabricated thicker than standard hook-up wire and includes a white inner layer for a wear or damage indicator. The six different colors allow easy tracking of multiple connections.


  • 18AWG (0.75mm2) bare copper wire
  • Double insulated silicone jacket
  • Highly flexible stranded conductor
  • White inner layer is a wear and damage indicator
  • +180°C higher temperature rating vs. +80°C PVC
  • 12A capacity
  • RoHS 2 compliant


  • 1000V CAT IV IEC rating
  • 12A maximum current
  • Silicone jacket
  • 0.75mm2 conductor area
  • 18AWG wire gauge
  • 195mm x 0.07mm stranding, (# x ø)
  • 3.7mm (0.146") OD
  • -60°C to +180°C temperature range


Published: 2021-03-12 | Updated: 2022-03-11