KYOCERA AVX OxiCap® NLJ Niobium Oxide Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX OxiCap® NLJ Niobium Oxide Capacitors feature non-burn technology and are environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant. These capacitors also offer high volumetric efficiency and a high CV range of 22µF to 1000µF/ 4V to 10V as well as 3x reflow, 260ºC compatibility. KYOCERA AVX NLJ capacitors are designed for consumer applications.


  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 3x reflow 260°C compatible
  • Consumer applications
  • OxiCap non-burn technology
  • RoHS compliance
  • Lead-free solution
  • 10 case sizes available
  • 22μF to 1000μF / 4V to 10V CV range


  • 6.8µF to 1000µF capacitance range
  • ±20% capacitance tolerance
  • 4VDC to 10VDC rated voltage
  • -55°C to +150°C temperature range
Published: 2011-11-04 | Updated: 2022-03-11