Microchip Technology L-Series AT32UC3 AVR 32-Bit MCUs

Microchip Technology L-Series AT32UC3 AVR 32-Bit MCUs are Microchip's first picoPower® 32-bit microcontrollers and offer a wide range of innovative technical features. The series is ideal for battery-powered, portable consumer applications, board controllers, gamepads, remote controls, and human interface devices. The AVR® UC3 L Series runs on 165 µA/MHz in active mode, 600nA with RTC running, and down to 9nA with all clocks stopped. The UC3L features a built-in capacitive touch module supporting 17 channels in hardware, and each channel can be configured as buttons, sliders, and wheels. The glue logic controller contains programmable logic and lookup tables that can be connected to GPIO pins, which can reduce the number of external components. To safeguard sensitive data, FlashVault™ code protection enables the on-chip flash to be partially programmed and locked for secure on-chip storage of software intellectual property. FlashVault™ code protection can carry software such as a math library or an encryption algorithm to potentially untrustworthy environments where the rest of the source code can be developed and debugged.


  • SleepWalking™ intelligent peripherals
  • Peripheral Event System
  • Clock Failure Protection
  • Spread Spectrum Clocks with fast startup times
  • Frequency Meter
  • RTC with Crystal Precision Tuner and Calendar Mode
  • PWM Output on all I/O Pins
Published: 2019-05-21 | Updated: 2023-05-26