New Manufacturers

  • Added 19/9/2023 RELOC
    RELOC uses advanced technologies (radio-identification and wireless communication systems, sensing and location solutions) to create connected embedded systems. These devices build the bridge between physical objects and cloud or mobile platforms. RELOC provides customers a full spectrum of engineering services to build cutting-edge, robust Internet-of-Things (IoT) consumer products and secure industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
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  • Added 19/9/2023 Trumeter
    Trumeter is a multi-national company that designs, manufactures, and distributes sophisticated control and measurement instruments. Producing more than a million products a year, they design and invent innovative products that meet and exceed their customer's expectations and specifications.
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  • Added 19/9/2023 Sensepeek
    Sensepeek was founded in 2015 with an engineering focus on mechanical, software, and hardware solutions. This company offers original design manufacturer (ODM) solutions with manufacturers in Sweden and Asia and has focused on making great development tools for R&D since 2016.
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  • Added 14/9/2023 Panasonic Industrial Automation
    Panasonic Industrial Automation provides a broad portfolio of products and over 40 years of design expertise, offering integrated solutions that fit into various automation markets, including automotive, semiconductor, packaging, and bio-medical. This company features a strong reputation for quality, an established organization of highly experienced professionals, and technically advanced products.
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  • Added 7/9/2023 Siemens
    Siemens focuses on industry, transport, infrastructure, and healthcare and creates technology with purpose by adding real value for customers. Combining the real and digital worlds, this company empowers engineers to transform their industries and markets.
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  • Added 7/9/2023 Robins Tools
    Robins Tools, based in Hergatz, Germany, designs and manufactures tools to make surface-mount assembly easier, such as SMD magazines and the Pixel Pump, an open-source vacuum pump pick-and-place machine for PCB artisans.
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  • Added 25/8/2023 SANUPS
    SANUPS provides industry-leading uninterruptible power supply systems that are both durable and reliable, and these systems are capable of supporting even the most demanding industrial applications. This company has dedicated their technology and resources to developing firmware that allows users to enhance their uninterruptible power supply systems. The benefits of these technologies include noise reduction, double leakproof construction, and coating protection.
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  • Added 24/8/2023 OLogic
    OLogic is a team of designers and engineers passionate about development and new ideas. OLogic serves customers' needs with expertise in electronics design, embedded software, mechanical and industrial design, and low-cost design for manufacturing solutions. OLogic is known for stepping in anywhere to help improve the user's product.
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  • Added 24/8/2023 DeepSea Developments
    DeepSea Developments specializes in hardware design and product development. In 2017 DeepSea Developments started creating products for the company. By 2019 DeepSea Developments expanded its activities to help corporates, SMBs, and entrepreneurs to develop products. By 2020, 16 people had joined the DeapSea Developments team; by 2021, the company had grown to 35 engineers. DeapSea Developments is the top company in IoT products and the company has helped clients in over five countries develop products.
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  • Added 24/8/2023 Bela
    Bela is an embedded computing platform for creating beautifully responsive interactive projects. Bela provides ultra-low latency, high-quality audio, analog and digital I/O in a tiny self-contained package that can be easily embedded into a vast range of applications. Built on the BeagleBone family of open-source embedded computers, Bela combines an embedded computer's processing power with a microcontroller's timing precision and connectivity.
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