Advantech EKI-152x Serial Device Servers

Advantech EKI-152x serial device servers feature two independent Ethernet ports and MAC addresses, providing a redundant network mechanism to guarantee Ethernet network reliability. EKI-1521, EKI-1522, EKI-1524,  EKI-1526, and EKI-1528 are serial device servers that connect RS-232/422/485 serial devices, such as PLC, meters, sensors, and barcode readers to IP-based Ethernet LAN. They allow nearly any device with serial ports to connect and share an Ethernet network. The servers provide various operations: COM port redirection (Virtual COMport), TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP mode. With COM port redirection mode, standard serial operation calls are transparently redirected to the server, guaranteeing compatibility with legacy serial devices and enabling backward compatibility with existing software. With TCP server, TCP client, and UDP modes, the devices ensure network software compatibility with a standard network API. Moreover, you can make serial devices communicate with other devices peer-to-peer, without any intermediate host PCs and software programming.


  • Provides 2x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports for LAN redundancy
  • Provides COM port redirection (Virtual COM), TCP and UDP operation modes
  • Supports up to 921.6kbps, and any baud rate setting
  • Allows a max. of 5 hosts to access one serial port
  • Allows a max. of 16 hosts to be accessed as TCP client mode
  • Built-in 15KV ESD protection for all serial signals
  • Provides rich configuration methods including Windows utility, Telnet console, and Web Browser
  • Supports 32-bit/64-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows CE 5.0, and Linux
  • Automatic RS-485 data flow control
  • Class I, Division 2 certification
Published: 2015-01-28 | Updated: 2023-08-25