API Delevan 5500 & 5500R High Current SMD Power Chokes

API Delevan 5500 and 5500R High Current SMD Power Chokes are ideal for automated pick-and-place and PCB assembly processes as well as high current LED lighting applications. These chokes offer an extreme operating temperature of -55°C to +130°C for harsh work environments. Other features include high power density design, low-loss ferrite core technology, standard inductance values range of 3.9µH to 100mH, and inductance tolerances of +/-5%, 10%, and 15% for highly sensitive circuit designs. API Delevan 5500 and 5500R chokes are compliant with MIL-STD-202G for rugged vehicular and aerospace systems.


  • High power density design
  • Higher current carrying capability
  • Surface-mount device inductor
  • -55°C to +130°C operating temperature range
  • Low DC resistance
  • Green lead-free, RoHS-compliant version (5500R)
  • 3.9µH to 100mH inductance values range


  • HB LED drivers, power supplies, and incandescent replacement lamps
  • EMI power line filters
  • Military and defense ground, sea, and aerospace electrical/electronic power systems
  • Heavy motor driver circuits
  • HID and halogen lighting
  • High-power RF transceiver and antenna systems
  • UL- and CSA-approved devices
Published: 2011-08-03 | Updated: 2022-03-11