Altera / Intel Stratix® V GX FPGA Development Kit

Altera Stratix® V GX FPGA Development Kit is a complete design environment with the hardware and software needed to develop Stratix V GX FPGA designs. A designer can test the signal quality of the FPGA transceiver I/Os (10Gbps+) and develop and test PCI Express® (PCIe) 3.0 designs. The designer can develop and test memory subsystems consisting of SyncFlash, DDR3, and QDR™II+. This development kit allows for developing and testing SDI with the embedded 75ohm 3G SDI transceivers and developing embedded designs utilizing the Nios® II processor and external memory. A designer can develop and test network designs utilizing Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore®, external RJ-45 jack, and optical networking designs using the 10G and 40G Ethernet MAC MegaCores the QSFP Optical Interface. Using the Clock Control GUI, a designer can also measure the FPGA's power consumption and control twelve different programmable clock oscillators.

Kit Contents

  • Hardware
    • Stratix V GX FPGA development board
    • HSMC loopback board
    • Power supply and AC adapters for North America/Japan, Europe, and the United Kingdom
    • Standard USB A to micro-USB cable
    • Ethernet cable
    • 75Ω SMB video cable
  • Software
    • Quartus II Development Kit Edition (DKE)
    • Quartus II Software
    • MegaCore® IP Library
    • Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (EDS)
    • Stratix V GX FPGA Development Kit Installer

Block Diagram

Altera / Intel Stratix® V GX FPGA Development Kit
Published: 2019-08-13 | Updated: 2023-07-22