Microchip Technology Wireless Connectivity

Microchip Technology Wireless Connectivity Solutions enable you to quickly incorporate connectivity into your designs with wireless ICs, modules, software, and development kits that make connecting effortless for your customers. Microchip's comprehensive wireless portfolio has the technology to meet your range, data rate, interoperability, frequency, and topology needs. Microchip Technology's fully certified modules enable drop-in wireless connectivity, saving development costs and reducing time to market.

Wi-Fi® Solutions

Microchip’s extensive portfolio of Wi-Fi-certified modules and RF chipset solutions are designed with simplicity and low power, enabling extremely fast design cycles and, in turn, reducing time to market.

  • High data rates enable video/audio
  • Deploy globally with pre-certified modules
  • Popular cloud provider support
  • Personal and enterprise security support
  • Extensive interoperability testing
  • Linux® and RTOS support


Microchip offers a large portfolio of low-power embedded BLUETOOTH modules that are fully certified, easy to use, and ideally suited to any data or audio application. The modules are complete with an on-board stack, common application profiles, and an ASCII command interface if an external microcontroller is required for a given application.

  • Connect mobile apps to BLUETOOTH audio or data devices
  • Low power enables long battery life
  • Small packaging for portable/wearable devices
  • Mobile app source code
  • Extensive interoperability testing
  • BLUETOOTH 5 support


LoRa® is a wireless modulation for long-range, low-power, low data-rate applications. By achieving a range of more than 15 kilometers in a suburban environment and more than 2km in a dense urban environment, LoRa solutions target multiple application domains, such as Internet of Things (IoT), metering, security, and machine-to-machine (M2M).

  • Long range, up to 15km, enables lower-cost networks and distant locations
  • Easy-to-use add-on modules
  • Low power enables long battery life
  • Global network and radio certification support
  • Certified LoRaWAN® protocol stack

IEEE 802.15.4

Created to support low-cost, low-power networks, the IEEE 802.15.4 standard defines the MAC and PHY layer used by, but not limited to, networking specifications such as Zigbee®, 6LoWPAN, Thread, WiSUN, and MiWi™ protocols. IEEE 802.15.4-based products from Microchip are deployed today in a wide range of applications, from battery-free, energy-harvesting wireless light switches, to alarm sensors with several years of battery life, to high-performance mesh utility networks supporting smart meters and street lighting.

  • Robust mesh networking creates ultra-reliable connections
  • Highly-integrated MCU with radio for a cost-effective node solution
  • Supports multiple frequencies for range and data-rate optimization
  • Free MiWi and Zigbee stacks


Microchip offers industry-leading performance for RF devices operating in the license-free Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency bands (2.4GHz, 868MHz to 928MHz, 433MHz, and 315MHz). Our devices support unidirectional and bidirectional data communication to meet target proprietary and standard-based wireless applications such as smart metering, alarm systems, home automation, and increasing Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Robust point-to-point communication for ruggedized industrial environments
  • Highly-integrated MCU with radio for a cost-effective node solution
  • Free MiWi networking stack with mesh and point-to-point modes

RF Remote

The unlicensed Sub-GHz ISM radio frequency bands are used for many short-range, low-data-rate, and low-power wireless applications. Microchip provides stand-alone transceivers, receiver products, and our family of rfPIC® transmitters with embedded PIC® microcontrollers. These radio solutions are ideal for AMR metering, consumer electronics, home, business, industrial automation, automotive, toys, and medical applications.

  • Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) unlicensed Sub-GHz radio frequency bands used for many short-range, low-data-rate, and low-power wireless applications
  • Minimal MCU resources required
  • Broad selection of modulations and frequencies for design scalability
  • Passive RFID, RF, and IR solutions


Published: 2019-06-06 | Updated: 2023-06-01